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Ra (pronounced Rah) is more than just a name to us - it’s an embodiment of our mission. We founded RA_ Bar Beauty with the intention of creating a positive space in this industry where one was lacking - to radiate the same light, energy, and warmth as the mythological deity. As a trio of women, we also appreciate the balance brought by Ra’s powerful, masculine energy. Beauty isn’t just about looks! It’s about beaming bright from within.

The alternate pronunciation of ‘raw’ served as the basis for our RA_ Bar. (No, not a juice bar!) The first of its kind, our RA_ Bar consists of all-natural, super-healing oils from premium fruits and nuts. We cocktail these oils into custom conditioning treatments, individualized for each client’s needs. Essentially, we have taken organic home hair remedies and deepened the process, amplifying the results. ‘Raw’ can also be applied to us as humans. We’re real, open, passionate, strong…and even a little unrefined. We aren’t afraid to be our raw selves, to live – and dream – honestly, and we cherish the growth that comes from mistakes. When you see our logo, we hope it inspires you to embrace your own beautiful raw self.


Telephone: (213) 627-2100

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605 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90015