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Reports & Research

Market Information and Business Insight for Downtown LA

Independent research and reports across key sectors of the Downtown LA market provide crucial data and analysis for developers, investors, and businesses when assessing the DTLA environment.

Quarterly Market Report

Tracking the Transformation of DTLA

Our Quarterly Market Report provides a comprehensive overview of the state of office, residential, retail, and hospitality markets for Downtown LA, with key statistics and transactions, market trends and insights, and the pipeline of projects proposed and under construction in each sector.

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DTLA 2023: Outlook & Insights

Our 2023 report focusing on our city center's current state and its position in the region, nation, and world - and to understand what that all means for its future.

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DTLA Works Office Space Guide

A Guide to The Future of Office in Downtown Los Angeles

For brokers, property owners and prospective tenants, this Office Guide provides all you need to know about the Downtown market.

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DTLA Retail Report

From Pop-Ups to National Brands

For retailers, brokers and property owners interested in the dynamic DTLA market, the Downtown LA Retail Report provides useful stats, trends and demographics, along with profiles of its unique districts, highlighting major projects, key corridors, what’s hot, and what opportunities are on the horizon.

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Downtown LA Arts & Culture Report

Bringing the City to Life!

The heart and soul of DTLA, the vibrant Arts & Culture scene has been a driving force in Downtown LA’s renaissance. Learn how the galleries, museums, eclectic nightlife, and foodie culture of DTLA make it a truly world-class city.

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The Value of Downtowns

This report was developed by the International Downtown Association calculating the value of Downtown Los Angeles. No city or region can succeed without a strong downtown, the place where compactness and density bring people, capital and ideas together in ways that build the economy, opportunity, community and identity.

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DTLA 2022: Outlook & Insights

Emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique moment of challenge and opportunity for urban centers like Downtown Los Angeles. In response, the Downtown Center BID produced this report to focus on our city center's current state and its position in the region, nation, and world - and to understand what that all means for its future.

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DTLA Recovery Compass

Charting the Path Forward

The DTLA Recovery Compass is a new, multi-wave study which is tracking the sentiments of the Downtown LA community on an ongoing basis during the COVID-19 pandemic in an effort to provide data that will help guide progress towards recovery.

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DTLA 2020 Survey

The People and Passions of DTLA

Since 2006, our biennial survey has chronicled the ongoing transformation of Downtown LA and gathered valuable market data for investors, developers, and businesses, while guiding the DCBID’s decision-making and program development. With key demographic information and data on employment and activities, preferences and behaviors, this report is an illuminating portrait of the people of Downtown LA.

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