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Grand Ave Augmented

Project Guide

Grand Ave Augmented is an augmented reality (AR) walking tour showcasing the major cultural institutions, key properties, outdoor spaces, amenities, and attractions of Grand Avenue through AR art and activations. This project guide covers the overall vision, project partners and timeline, how to participate, the user experience and the content creation process.

Project Timeline:
July 21, 2022
- Hands-on Content Creation Workshop
July 28, 2022
- RFP deadline
August 2, 2022
- Selected Artists will be notified via email
September 30, 2022
- Completed artwork submitted
October 7-21, 2022
- Add to platform and testing
October 22, 2022
- Installations open
- 1 year

Looking to get involved? 
Artists, local businesses and institutions interested in contributing AR artwork or just learning more about Grand Avenue Augmented are encouraged to watch the workshop recording (passcode: ?o?B@6mB) from June 28. The workshop included a presentation of the overall project vision, proposed installation sites, the AR platform being utilized and the production process and timeline. No prior AR experience is required.

Watch the virtual Content Creation Workshop:
Zoom Recording (Passcode: yjtb0*YT)