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E Stretto Sandwich Shop

Opened on a dare Downtown in a haunted Quinceneara shop, then expanded to a burned-out Arby’s in the lower upper side of East Hollywood, these 24-hour tite-fests have everything! Sandwiches, salads, tite wines, air conditioning that blows hot and cold like Katy Perry’s ex-boyfriends, that thing where you put your lips around a vacuum hose and suck a grapefruit through it, anti-diarrheal medications. Oh, and what’s that?! Is that Benji and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte? No! It’s Co-Owners Joel David Miller and Dave Fernie learning to play Adam’s Song on a sea-foam-green Squier Stratocaster through an 8 inch Crate combo amp and a Boss DS1 Distortion pedal. You won’t want to miss this complete bro-fest that finally answers the question, How Long Is Forever? Just wait till you get a load of their Italian Trio, it’s like that thing where Timothee Chalamet leaves that peach on his bedside table and then watches Armie Hammer eat it in front of him, erotic but juicy and super satisfying, somehow the savory and sweet aspects are completely in concert.


Telephone: (213) 265-7017

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Sandwich Shop

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E Stretto Sandwich Shop
351 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013