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Dreamentia Creative Laboratories

We are proudly afflicted with Dreamentiaâ„¢; the development, growth or awakening of creative awareness in the brain caused by the severe impairment or loss of one's in-the-box thinking and conventional cerebral functions. Our symptoms are the development of half left-brain and half right-brain thinking, the growth of logically and strategically driven creativity, and the addiction to solving advertising problems and conquering marketing challenges without the scourge of personal glory. Dreamentia, Inc. provides marketing, branding, and advertising services in both traditional (tv, radio, print) and new media (online, social, interactive). The company was founded in 2006 and is based in downtown Los Angeles, California.


Telephone: (213) 347-6000

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Dreamentia Creative Laboratories
453 S. Spring St., Suite1101
Los Angeles, CA 90013