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Founded by two budding visionaries—Swiss artist and musician, Alaïa Parhizi, and American entrepreneur, Aidan Nelson—Wönzimer exudes a hip young aura that is nurtured and cultivated through professional leadership and a genuine love for and value of innovation and diversity. To aid in its mission, Parhizi and Nelson have recently recruited the invaluable expertise of long time gallerist, art dealer, and advisor, Chuck Wolf, who will be working to expand Wönzimer’s activity to European markets.

Wönzimer, which means living room in German, is a place where everyone is welcome. These ideals are indeed the foundations upon which Wönzimer thrives and lives. It is precisely this interest that has given Wönzimer its magic, as well as a living history of joyful, spontaneous interactions that it has inspired unique, interesting individuals from all walks of life.


Telephone: (310) 462-2314

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