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Reigniting DTLA: 3 Ways to Help Our Community

Reigniting DTLA: 3 Ways to Help Our Community

Monday June 29, 2020

Following the recent protests in DTLA, we posted photos on social media of our Clean Team members – picking up trash, removing graffiti from storefronts – to an outpouring of support. People responded en masse: Can I help clean? Where can I donate? How can I help with rebuilding? Something in the images resonated: We are in this together.

Graffiti removal by the Clean Team
Graffiti removal by our Clean Team

Great cities in times of crisis have done more than just survive. They have rallied together to emerge stronger than before. Challenging times reaffirm what is most important to us and for DTLA, that is our community. Our culture. Whether you live, work, or just love to spend time Downtown, it’s the vibrant streets, food, art, music, and people that make our city so diverse and compelling.

For DTLA, 2020 had begun with great optimism – the culmination of a decade of monumental growth and the beginning of another full of promise. Passion for its urban lifestyle had never been higher. Then came a global pandemic and sheltering-at-home, followed by demonstrations and civil unrest. Some things will never be the same. Now, as restrictions begin to lift and the city carefully reopens, let us remember these events – but concentrate on the future.

As we emerge from quarantine, let’s rediscover, reignite, and rebuild our beloved neighborhood. Crises are opportunities to come together and show our strength. Here are actions you can take to demonstrate your support.

Social distancing at GCM
Social distancing in effect at Grand Central Market

1. Patronize Neighborhood Businesses

Restaurants: DTLA has a dining scene like nowhere else thanks to passionate restaurant owners who are an important part of our community. Many of these establishments are struggling to remain open. Support them by buying gift cards, ordering take-out, and dining-in safely. In return, you can rediscover your favorites – ribeye from Nick + Stef’s, stracciatella from Gelateria Uli, lobster ravioli from JOEY DTLA, everything from Grand Central Market, and so many more. Our Dining Services page features up-to-date information on reopenings and services available to you. 

Stores: Our neighborhood is ripe with one-of-a-kind businesses like Bring Something to the Party (your one-stop party shop), Eli & Ella Rose (for the most stylish kids on the playground), Please Do Not Enter (art/design concept store), St. Vincent Jewelry Center (the largest jewelry collective in the world), and many others. Let’s keep it that way. Shop in-store, purchase gift cards, or pick up curbside to help keep their doors open. Treat yourself or buy a unique gift for a loved one. 

Rothkos at MOCA
Rothkos on display at MOCA

Arts: DTLA is also home to some of the world’s best cultural and entertainment experiences from the grandiose – LA Phil, Music Center, MOCA, The Broad, Staples Center, and L.A. Live; to the avant-garde including ICA LA, Hauser & Wirth, A&D Museum, and our infamous street art. As phased reopenings begin, they need our support as much as we need beauty and inspiration in our lives. Make a donation, purchase gift cards, reserve a future visit, or participate in virtual tours. Visit our ‘Arts Go Virtual’ page for more information.

2. Donate and Volunteer

The LA and Midnight Missions, LAHSA, Chrysalis, and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank have been aiding our community for years, and their work is more important than ever. Donate your time and/or money to these organizations. Your monetary donation can provide food, shelter, and employment assistance to people in need. Prefer a more hands-on approach? You can volunteer to serve meals, deliver essential items, and more. Explore further options here

3. Use Community Resources

If you or someone you know is struggling during this difficult time, our city, state, and federal agencies are providing financial and employment assistance and support programs to those facing illness, financial hardship, and homelessness. Visit our Community Resources page to learn more about the programs available.

We are in a period of healing but also of hope, and we have the power to support each other. Let this be your call to action. Reach out. Be a spark that helps reignite the passion and joy of our city.

Whether you live, work, or play here, we are all neighbors. Let us make DTLA even better than before. We are in this together. We are #TogetherDTLA.