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Embracing Change: The DCBID Becomes the DTLA Alliance

Embracing Change: The DCBID Becomes the DTLA Alliance

Thursday January 18, 2024

In a move symbolizing growth and change, the Downtown Center Business Improvement District (DCBID) is rebranding itself as the DTLA Alliance. This shift marks a new chapter in our on-going journey, aligning with the evolving dynamics of Downtown Los Angeles and reflecting the importance of community and partnership.

Since our inception in 1998, the DCBID has been instrumental in the renaissance of Downtown Los Angeles. Over the years, we have witnessed remarkable transformations, turning the area into a bustling hub of commerce, culture, and community. Today, as the DTLA Alliance, we are poised to build upon this legacy, adapting to new opportunities and challenges.

Our mission remains steadfast: to create a vibrant, thriving, and dynamic Downtown LA, but our approach is evolving. We're placing a new emphasis on placemaking, aiming to enhance the experience of DTLA's public realm through events, activations, and art. Our strategy goes beyond beautification to creating spaces where people feel connected, engaged, and inspired.

The guiding principles of our strategic plan — "Improving the Place and Experience; Building Community and Coalitions; Telling the Story and Shaping the Narrative" — underscore our commitment to this new direction. We believe that by enhancing the physical environment and social fabric of Downtown LA, we foster a welcoming and inclusive community.

Additionally, the DTLA Alliance is elevating our advocacy role, coordinating with stakeholders and partners to advance initiatives that promote the economic, social, and environmental vitality of Downtown LA. We understand the importance of representing our community and ensuring that Downtown LA continues to be a place where businesses and workers thrive, residents enjoy a high quality of life, and visitors are compelled to return.

We are excited to embark on this journey. The DTLA Alliance is more than a name change; it's a reflection of our evolving identity and our aspiration to be at the forefront of urban innovation and community building. Together, we can shape a future for Downtown LA that is as dynamic and vibrant as the city itself.