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Art of Retail: Space & Vision
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Art of Retail: Space & Vision

Wednesday February 12, 2020

The retail industry is in the midst of upheaval and renewal - facing challenges and realizing opportunities - and urban markets like Downtown Los Angeles are at the forefront of this evolution.

Many of the old approaches to retail and its traditional players are no longer viable – as demonstrated by the closing of millions of square feet of space in suburban malls – while new modes and fresh brands are taking their place. As Big Box retailers struggle to survive, Big Idea retailers are beginning to thrive. Creativity and innovation are at the forefront of today's retail, and nowhere is that more evident than Downtown Los Angeles.

With an exploding residential population, billions in development, infrastructure, and civic investments, and a wealth of arts and culture, Downtown LA is a dynamic urban market moving into – and shaping – the future. Known for its pioneering culinary scene and colorful nightlife, trendy fashion vibe and constant swirl of entertainment, Downtown is where people go for expression and inspiration. Savvy retailers have taken notice and are positioning themselves to capitalize on the cultural currency and social cachet of DTLA. To help these retailers connect to Downtown LA's economic and cultural energy, we've developed Art of Retail

Art of Retail captures and amplifies the special qualities of the Downtown market and the benefits of tapping into its vibrancy. The program highlights DTLA's unparalleled mix of retail spaces – from perfect niche location to expansive street presence, in a radically reimagined shopping plaza or a beautifully restored historic building. Downtown LA has space for creativity and vision, and Art of Retail helps brokers, property owners, and retail executives come together around its exciting possibilities. The driving force behind the DTLA retail market is a rapidly growing residential population, a huge commuting workforce, and millions of annual visitors. Combined with its central location and unmatched transit and freeway accessibility to surrounding neighborhoods and the rest of the region, this all adds up to a massive customer base for everything from luxury goods to daily necessities – consumers who want convenience and utility and those in search of unique products and memorable experiences.

Art of Retail combines storefront billboards with online advertising, merging the physical with digital – actual locations and virtual promotions – to capture and communicate the unique attributes of the Downtown market and the specific ways that retailers can thrive in it.

Art of Retail Window Billboards
Window billboards at 626 Wilshire

Storefront Billboards
Adorning the windows of vacant storefronts, these custom billboards increase visibility, appeal, and overall interest in available retail properties while promoting the benefits of the Downtown market. High-impact graphics, eye-catching design, and direct messaging combine to attract attention and communicate availability to brokers and retailers quickly and effectively. Important leasing information is prominently featured along with a shortlist of prominent retailers in the area. Art of Retail storefront billboards compel conversation and instigate interest in the available space and the surrounding retail community.

Digital Advertising
Targeted digital ad campaigns drive qualified traffic to custom landing pages to download the DCBID's Downtown LA Retail Report and learn more about DTLA's Art of Retail. The landing pages showcase a range of popular DTLA-based brands and available retail spaces in Downtown LA, communicating the vitality of the retail ecosystem and the opportunities it holds. Follow-up content and supplemental leasing information are sent via email, further strengthening the impact of Art of Retail.

The Downtown market is growing at a phenomenal pace and evolving in exciting ways, and forward-thinking retailers are bringing real creativity to their relationship with this highly engaged and sophisticated community. By working at the intersection of culture and commerce, Art of Retail is making authentic connections between curated spaces and innovative businesses and helping shape the future of DTLA.