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Around the World in DTLA
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Around the World in DTLA

Wednesday September 28, 2022

The temptation to hop on a plane and travel the globe is growing every day with travel restrictions easing. That is, of course, if you can get the time off, you have a dispensable vacation fund, your favorite dog sitter is available, etc… but staying close to home doesn’t have to mean boring. The diversity of cuisine in Downtown LA is one of its best offerings, so relax and let your tastebuds do the traveling. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite food spots “around the world” in DTLA.

Armenia – 10e

This family-owned Armenian and Lebanese restaurant is both elegant and easy-going. Don’t miss their fresh pita with hummus, the beef and chicken lule kebabs, lamb chops with za’atar, and the delicious homemade baklava.

Brazil – H&H Brazilian

An authentic Brazilian churrasco experience where customers are treated to a selection of premium meats served table side and grilled to perfection by experienced gaucho chefs — just if you don’t fill up on the pão de queijo (Brazilian cheesy bread) first.

China – New Moon Cafe

Located in TASTE Food Hall at FIGat7th, this contemporary Chinese restaurant offers takeout favorites like honey glazed chicken with orange zest and Mongolian beef, plus lesser-known dishes like Cantonese-style steamed fish and delicate baby bok choy with Chinese mushrooms.

England – Bike Shed Moto Company

This London-based newcomer to the Arts District made headlines for its massive size (30,000 square feet!) but it brings much more to the table. Specifically, the elusive full English breakfast with breakfast sausage, black pudding, beans, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, toast, and bacon.

France – Perch

A DTLA classic, this sky-high restaurant is decked out in gorgeous greenery with an amazing view and features a French bistro menu with favorites like French onion soup, steak frites, and rich beef bordelaise.

El Salvador – Sarita’s Pupuseria

This Grand Central Market vendor serves fresh, handmade pupusas with dozens of different fillings alongside fried plantains, yuca con chicharron, stews, and other favorite Salvadoran dishes.

Germany – Berlin Currywurst

For those unfamiliar, currywurst is a german sausage smothered in curry sauce and it’s the number one street food in Germany. Luckily this GCM vendor saves you the plane ride and serves authentic currywurst straight from Berlin.

India – Badmaash

A DTLA must-see and one of LA Times 101 Best Restaurants, Badmaash has delicious Indian classics like their South Indian fish konkani, a bright curry with tomatoes and coconut milk plus a thoroughly modern fusion menu with dishes like channa masala poutine and chili cheese naan.

Ireland – Dublin’s

This is definitely not your ordinary sports bar. Dublin’s has a small but mighty selection of Irish dishes like bangers & mash, corned beef & cabbage, and a cheesy shepherd’s pie — served all with a big pint of Guinness to wash it down of course.

Israel – The Exchange

Situated in the sun-drenched bottom floor of the Freehand Los Angeles hotel, The Exchange offers a menu inspired by the multi-cultural flavors of LA through an Israeli lens. Think falafel made with fuji apples, butternut squash tahini, and turmeric vinaigrette or grilled lamb ribs with a honey glaze, cucumber, and snow peas.

Italy – Maccheroni Republic

Maccheroni Republic is easily one of LA’s best Italian trattorias with fresh, handmade pasta and a wide selection of sauces from the bright maccheroni stellari with spicy, ripe tomato sauce to the decadent ravioli di zucca, a pumpkin ravioli with a creamy truffle parmesan sauce.

Jamaica – (abeautifullife) Jamaican Cafe

This mother-daughter-owned restaurant on Spring Street serves up family recipes passed down through the years. We love their variations of Jamaican patties, similar to a flaky, savory turnover, and their oxtail bowl served with rice and peas, sautéed cabbage and fried plantains.

Japan – Marugame Udon & Shibumi

There are plenty of amazing Japanese restaurants in Downtown and these are just two that we love. Marugame Udon is a casual but delicious option featuring simple, hand-crafted udon bowls with a variety of toppings alongside crispy tempura. Shibumi on the other hand is more of a special occasion spot. With a Michelin star, this intimate restaurant offers kappo-style dining & kaseiki menus.

Mexico – Grand Central Market

There are tons of delicious Mexican spots in Downtown LA so it’s difficult to just choose a few. The amazing Mexican vendors at GCM including La Huerta Candy, La Tostadería, La Frutería, Tacos, Tumbras a Tomas, and Villa Moreliana are just a few specialty spots serving up ready-to-eat food that we love.

Peruvian – Mex Peru Gipsy

We love going to this traditional Peruvian restaurant for dishes like hearty lomo saltado, bright and fresh ceviche de pescado, and comforting caldo de gallina, a brown hen soup.

Philippines – Petite Peso & Sari Sari Store

There are two equally fantastic Filipino restaurants in DTLA that we frequent. We love the garlicky chicken adobo at Petite Peso and the arroz caldo, a chicken and mushroom porridge, at Sari Sari Store — don’t miss the lumpia at either spot though.

South Korea – Shiku

From the owners of the renowned Baroo, Shiku brings Korean comfort food to Grand Central Market in the form of their delicious dosirak (packed lunches) topped with galbi, chicken, or pork belly and as many banchan (side dishes) that you can handle.

Thailand – Sticky Rice

This authentic Thai stand in Grand Central Market has a diverse offering of Thai street food including sweet and smokey gai yang, BBQ chicken, familiar favorites like pad thai, and of course their namesake dessert of mango and sweet sticky rice.

Vietnam – Little Sister

Little Sister’s take on Vietnamese is a look at the interesting culinary collision between French and Southeastern Asian cuisine as the result of colonization. The outcome is a series of show-stopping dishes like a beef tartare with Vietnamese herbs and bone marrow or butter-basted escargot poppers.