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5 Sweet Treats to Keep You Cool this Summer in DTLA
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5 Sweet Treats to Keep You Cool this Summer in DTLA

Tuesday June 12, 2018

Summer is officially here...and with it come all of the sweet treats. While these confections are certainly available all year long, the summer season is the prime time to visit these dessert destinations. So, before you get lost in the freezer aisle of the grocery store and stock up on generic pints and popsicle sticks, plan to visit one, three or all five of the following locations to indulge in their sweet treats that will keep you cool this summer in DTLA.

1. Pazzo Gelato

Photo by @nomsandbeyond

Ice cream cone

You've never tasted fresh coconut and mango quite like the double scoop of gelato and sorbetto pictured above. Conveniently located at FIGat7th, Pazzo Gelato is a great spot for a midday sugar fix for nearby office dwellers, or a sweet way to cap off a lunch break before heading back to work. For those who can't squeeze a taste of Pazzo's fresh fruits and herbs into their daily schedule, grab a scoop before or after FIGat7th's signature summer events -- FIGFest2018 and FLIXatFIG!

2. Toastea

2 boba teas pink and green

Photo by

For those who haven't joined the boba tea craze, here's a fun fact: Taiwan is the original birthplace of boba. Toastea is really doing this justice, as their boba comes straight from the source. The concept gives new meaning to the BYOB acronym as their step-by-step ordering approach allows you to customize your drink exactly the way you want it and essentially Build Your Own Boba. Although you can certainly drop in and grab your drink to go, this spot is a cozy place to sip slow and play catch up with friends and colleagues. You can find Toastea just steps away from one of DTLA's staples, Bottega Louie.

3. Gelateria Uli

Ice cream cone

Photo by @tasteofthebear

You can find your classic Italian staples here, like cioccolato (chocolate) and fragola (strawberry), but Gelateria Uli is really known for consistently introducing new flavors that celebrate LA and the amazing ingredients available in this region. If Beet Tarragon and Sweet Corn don't intrigue you, then what will? This small-batch making gelato gem is located within the Spring Arcade in the Historic Core and serves as a pleasant afternoon respite and is the best sweet treat to have in hand while strolling through the Shopwalk DTLA events.

4. Sprinkles

Ice cream cookie sandwich

Photo by @kickitfun

Yes, Sprinkles has more than cupcakes. Although the signature cupcakes are good enough to keep you going back time and time again, don't sell yourself short. This single scoop of ice cream between two cookies or brownies is known as their Cookie/Brownie Sandwich. Perhaps not suited for a quick lunch break (unless followed by an afternoon siesta), but the ultimate way to treat yourself. You can find Sprinkles at FIGat7th along with Pazzo Gelato.

5. Bae

Two ice cream cones

Photo by @amycravesthat

And last but certainly not least -- Bae. This made for Instagram cafe is located in Little Tokyo and offers an impressive selection of coffee, donuts, soft serve and clothing apparel. If you've never been one to take a picture of what you're about to eat, there's a first time for everything. The black and white swirl pictured above is called Mixed Feelings on their menu, but should leave you with none about Bae. The black color is derived from the trendy activated charcoal ingredient and is said to yield many health benefits, such as teeth whitening and removing toxins from the body -- as if more excuses are needed to indulge in this delicious treat.

Get the full scoop on all the sweet treats DTLA has to offer by visiting and stay cool this summer with DTLA's Guide to Everything Summer!