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10 Things We’re Thankful for in Downtown LA
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10 Things We’re Thankful for in Downtown LA

Tuesday November 22, 2022

Here at the DCBID we are grateful for so much that Downtown LA has to offer. We feel lucky to dine out at all the amazing restaurants - from local hole-in-the-wall spots to Michelin-starred eateries. We marvel at the world-class cultural institutions right in our backyard. We learn about some of Los Angeles’ oldest past through our many historic monuments. But topping our list is the passionate community of neighbors, co-workers, business owners, and friends that are the heart and soul of Downtown LA. So we thought, who better than to ask them what they’re thankful for in DTLA and here’s what they said. Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. “As a nonprofit business operator and a resident, I am grateful for the small town community feel of DTLA.  I love the friends who greet me warmly, when I am in the YMCA and on my daily walks around the area.  I love the way our community comes together with compassion, generosity and care for our neighbors in need of support, especially during the holidays.” - Carol Pfannkuche, YMCA of Greater Los Angeles
  2. “What I’m thankful for most about DTLA is the genuine connections and bonds I’ve made by simply exploring in the community. There’s so many amazing opportunities and hidden gems awaiting every corner. I’m so grateful to experience it all in one city.” - Matrix Mika, Downtown LA resident
  3. I am thankful for the amazing diversity, great food options and unparalleled air traffic that gracefully weaves throughout the skyline as though they are playing hide and seek among the high-rises. I would also like to add I am thankful for having Microsoft Theater and Arena downtown, making concert going and sporting events easy to attend.” - Niles Harris, InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown
  4. “The walkability of Downtown LA is such a rarity in LA. It’s so easy to get around and there’s such a diversity of neighborhoods to explore, even within this one neighborhood. I can get to my job, my gym, my girlfriend’s house, and my favorite restaurants without having to get into my car. Which means I see the same people around every day and you start to feel like you’re part of a real community, its nice.” - Anthony Castro, Downtown LA resident and worker
  5. “The small town community feel, bumping into people I know wherever I go.” - Joan McLane, University of Southern California, Institute of Urology and Downtown LA resident
  6. “We are thankful for the vibrancy, I feel like the neighborhood is always growing and changing and evolving, we want to be a part of that. We want our businesses to be a part of the growth and evolution of the neighborhood and we love how exciting It is here. This is our place, where we live and work and we want to give things to the neighborhood and share the things that we love with the people here.” - Reed Herrick, co-owner of DTLA Cheese and Kippered
  7. “I appreciate the DCBID Safety Team as a resident. They do so much work for the DTLA community and it never goes unnoticed, especially as a resident.” - Kara Imamura, Downtown LA resident
  8. “We’ve been here for 33 years, we love the community, Downtowners are truly devoted to Downtown LA and it’s really nice to see. They support the Downtown businesses and they’ve really turned this area into a community.” - John Y, Owner at Shoe Wiz Instant Shoe Repair
  9. “The culture, diversity, and the art! SO many things to do that are catered to all ages and people.” - Ashley Burnside, DTLA visitor
  10. “Thank you DTLA for your sense of community, historical character, numerous conveniences, top-notch cuisines, forward-thinking cocktails, and a gorgeous skyline made for evening chills with chums. Love you.” - Marisol Medina, Downtown LA Resident