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Reimagining Spaces: A Post-Pandemic Design Report

Omgivning reinterprets design in this new era by reimagining three types of spaces: Workplace, Multifamily, and Commercial.

At this very moment, cities all around the world are experiencing the same irreversible shifts caused by the current health, race, and climate crises. The effects of those crises couldn't be clearer than here in Downtown Los Angeles. What has steadily become the “it” neighborhood of L.A. has fallen into temporary decline due to stay-at-home protocols and the domino effect of the aforementioned crises. The game of downtown has changed. In real time, we are seeing what works and what doesn’t for the built environment.

Like many in our field, Omgivning has been moving forward with exploring new design theories for this unprecedented moment. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the urgency and importance of design innovation, making it imperative to improve the way our spaces feel and how they function.

To showcase our findings, Reimagining Spaces: A Post-Pandemic Design Report is a three-part series documenting our reinterpretation of design in this new era by reimagining three types of spaces: Workplace, Multifamily, andCommercial.

Before and after

While developing our concepts, we uncovered certain themes recurring consistently across all three types of spaces:

Theme 1: The Need to Prioritize Human-Centered Design

Human-centered design compels us to create balance with socialization, nature, promote ergonomics, diversity, and facilitate wellbeing.

Theme 2: Flexibility and Adaptability are Now Crucial to Success

Design buildings and spaces with enough adaptability and daily flexibility to transform spaces for different uses.

Theme 3: Going Beyond Mixed Use with Blended Uses

We are moving from “mixed-use” toward blended uses, where individual interior spaces serve multiple functions simultaneously. We must be able to do just about anything, anywhere, at any time.

Theme 4: A Space is Inextricable from its Economic Context

As economic inequality increases, we must acknowledge our power to design spaces where a high quality of life is more attainable for more people. Likewise, during any downturn, residents and businesses must cut back and get creative in their design and operation.


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