Clean Team

Making the Downtown Center BID More Beautiful

Every day, the dedicated women and men of the DCBID Clean Team are making the District a more welcoming place to be. By emptying trash bins, power washing sidewalks, and maintaining the overall cleanliness of the District, they keep the Downtown Center a hospitable destination for everyone.

71,349 bags of trashed removed; 4,278 instances of graffiti removed; 7,988 sidewalk wash-downs conducted

Clean Team Stats: 71,349 Bags of trash removed from over 250 DCBID owned receptacles; 4,278 instances of graffiti removed; 7,988 sidewalk wash-downs conducted (from 2018)

The Clean Team members are contracted through Chrysalis, a non-profit organization offering transitional employment opportunities to formerly homeless or economically disadvantaged individuals. Chrysalis supports individuals’ professional development by providing the resources, training, and support needed to find and retain employment. After building valuable work experience at the DCBID, Chrysalis works with team members to independently build their professional lives by finding permanent employment.

Keeping the District clean is a tough job, and we’re fortunate to have these hardworking and conscientious people on the DCBID Clean Team. Say hello the next time you see them, and let them know that you appreciate what they do for Downtown LA.

Man powerwashing sidewalk