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ESTLR Athletics

Trojan CrossFit first opened its doors in November 2012 after owners Cameron Prestwich and Matt Newhouse, both Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies, decided to partner up and build a gym that would support a community of people who wanted to get healthy and strong. It was not enough to build just another CrossFit gym, because performing WODs is only part of the reason they fell in love with it. CrossFit is more than just a way to get healthy, it is a way to connect with and help others, and they, along with all of the coaches and staff, have worked hard to build an atmosphere that is welcoming to all and helpful to people beyond its walls. This is not your ordinary gym. Coaches take the time to get to know the members — not just their names, but who they are, what they want to achieve. The goal was always to build a supportive atmosphere — a place people want to go, not just to work out, but to enjoy doing it. Since its doors have opened, Trojan CrossFit has also hosted a number of community events and fundraisers supporting research for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), raising funds for the families of fallen police officers, and garnering donations for Toy Drives during the Holidays. Philanthropy has been important, and these events have done much to bring together people in the Arts District and from all over Los Angeles and the Inland Empire. Trojan CrossFit is more than a gym. It’s a family.


Telephone: (213) 266-8841

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ESTLR Athletics
431 S Hewitt St.
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