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Arts District

The American Hotel

Operating for over 100 years, the American Hotel has become an iconic figure in the ever-trendy Arts District. The hotel originally opened in 1905 as the first quality hotel for African Americans in Los Angeles, and as time wore on, the space below the hotel acted as a haven for musical artists. The renowned hotel accommodated up-and-coming musicians as they worked to get their break in the music industry, while the ground floor space became the iconic AL’s Bar, which hosted a number of future rock legends like Sonic Youth and Nirvana.

Today, our hotel in the arts district of Los Angeles has stayed true to its reputation as a hotel for the other, dedicated to honoring the neighborhood that has allowed it to thrive. Check out the murals surrounding the property, or ask our front desk staff for more information on our hotel’s rich history.


Telephone: (213) 545-4695

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The American Hotel
303 S Hewitt St
Los Angeles, CA 90013