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Investing in Place

Investments in placemaking are about building on what is already inherently compelling about DTLA – a unique sense of place and a diverse community that is passionate about it. Enhancing public spaces creates a more welcoming environment that draws people in, connects them, and encourages them to explore and engage more deeply, strengthening their relationship to both the place and the community.

Arial view of Park full of people

A commitment to improving public space will be even more important as Downtown’s significance for the region expands in the coming years. With its DTLA 2040 plan, the City of LA envisions the population of DLTA more than doubling to over 200,000 and playing a major part in meeting the region’s future housing needs. Even more housing is planned for the major transit corridors that connect to Downtown.

Massive investments have also been made in expanding LA’s transit system, which is centered in DTLA. Finally, in the next 5 years, Downtown Los Angeles will play a starring role in two of the biggest sporting events in the world, the 2026 World Cup and the 2028 Summer Olympic Games. Hundreds of thousands will visit DTLA, experiencing its streets and public spaces in person; millions more will do so virtually.

When all is said and done, tens of billions of dollars will have been invested, greatly enhancing the profile and importance of DTLA. Placemaking activations, like the ones discussed here, are not only an effective way to leverage those billions into a more welcoming Downtown experience, they are critical to the success of those investments. And because Downtown is the place where the largest number of Angelenos can gather and connect, especially for those who rely on public transit, Downtown is the one place where everyone in the region can truly benefit from those investments.