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UNREPD announced today a 9-month long residency at the recently opened The Grand LA, an art, shopping, dining, entertainment and hospitality destination located in downtown Los Angeles on Grand Ave Arts/Museum Row. The four-exhibition series will open on April 8th, with Edwin Marcelin’s debut solo exhibition, Elevation: Abstract Meditations on Iconic Black Discipline, in which paintings and a video installation highlight the artist’s commitment to the centrality of abstraction in the making of black iconography and language. Marcelin’s exhibition will be on view through May 21, 2023, followed by solo exhibitions from Corey Pemberton, Valincy-Jean Patelli, and Moncho 1929.

Following Marcelin’s Elevation: Abstract Meditations on Iconic Black Discipline, UNREPD will present: Corey Pemberton’s Content Aware, which questions the process of objects becoming artifacts, and considers black artists’ roles in memorialization and record keeping; Valincy-Jean Patelli’s I Will Tell You the Future, which explores Yoruba cosmology and examines acts of manifestation through ritual; and Moncho 1929’s :Botanica, which highlights how African and Indigenous religious symbolism and practice permeate through Christianity, while being masked by it and largely unspoken, in many Latinx households.

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Location: The Grand LA

Address: 100 S Grand Avenue

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