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Grand Park’s Ground our Present, Dot our Future

Now through January 25, 2021, Grand Park will present Ground our Present, Dot our Future, a new public art installation designed to build community with enrichment, engagement, and dialogue through art. Highlighting how communities strengthened their resolve this past year and sharpened their values, Grand Park’s Ground our Present, Dot our Future will feature more than 74 quotes that reflect on 2020 and look forward to 2021, with words of wisdom from a wide range of contributions, from 8-year old Siena Craig of Montecito Heights, to 88-year old Bing Liu of Monterey Park.

Each quote, with some in Spanish, Chinese, and Tagalog, will appear on 24” multicolored circular decals guiding the familiar pathways of Grand Park between Grand Avenue and Broadway. Grand Park’s Ground our Present, Dot our Future reinvents the current floor distancing decal culture by putting the emphasis back on how Angelenos can be socially connected—by gaining knowledge and understanding about the diverse experiences in Los Angeles County from the perspectives of those who live them. To highlight the public art installation and create a festive ambiance as visitors stroll through the popular urban space, Grand Park will wrap its trees in holiday lights and light up the park’s historic Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain with a rainbow of colors.

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Grand Park
200 N. Grand Ave.
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