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FIDM Film Festival

FIDM invites you to celebrate the cinematic style of graduating FIDM Digital Cinema students at the first annual FIDM Film Festival.

Witness the culmination of their incredible work in the intensive Digital Cinema program, which teaches film creation from pre- through post-production. You’ll be inspired by five powerful student docu-shorts exploring themes and experiences that have helped shape our student filmmakers.

Documentary Line-Up:

Adopted by filmmaker Martha Nevens
A heartfelt look into the issues surrounding transnational, interracial adoption, told through the eyes of the Ethiopian children that have lived it.

Derby in the Desert by filmmaker Anastasia White
Morphing out of the fistfight-filled, WWE-style television extravaganza to a strategic sport with a dedicated fanbase, Roller Derby has become one of the fastest growing sports around the globe. 3 Arizona Roller Derby players - Blok n' Dekher(Ashley Mason), Punchuation (Kinsey Smith), and Shana Banana Hammock (Shana West) - will recount how the sport has shaped them as people, and how the community has lifted them up in times of hardship.

Pie County, California by filmmaker Ally Marks
Pie County, California is a short documentary about the people who have won a pie-baking contest and the obstacles they had to overcome in their pursuit of the Blue Ribbon. The film interviews nine different people, asking questions about what it means to win and what it takes to succeed using pie contests as the window into these incredible stories of failure, family, identity, and ultimately, triumph.

Someone I Love is a Sex Worker by filmmaker Maxwell Budds
This hard-hitting documentary seeks to start the conversation about sex workers, their lives, and the rights they deserve.

Stingma by filmmaker Serina Boynton
Stingma discusses the stigmas behind tattoos and how they affect family relations, work, generations, and cultures/religions. By talking with people from different backgrounds, with and without tattoos themselves, one's perspective of tattoos may entirely change.

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