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Art Exhibition SEASONS by Sara Boccaccini Meadows

Simard Bilodeau Contemporary presents SEASONS, a first solo exhibition by British artist Sara Boccaccini Meadows. The artist reception is Saturday June 19th between 3PM and 7PM. The exhibition will be on view until July 20th.

From print design, textile design and illustration, Sara has recently created a series of artworks on canvas and on paper inspired by her late long stay in California.

SEASONS is a visual diary of her exploration of the different landscapes and environments emblematic of Southern California. Sara’s focus has always been and remains on the wonder of nature and tiny details from every day’s life. She has a distinct and recognizable artistic signature that she has expanded to large canvases specifically for this exhibition.

This past year, life brought her to stay in Los Angeles for a period of 7 months. Coming from UK, and living in NYC for a long time, seasonal changes has always been part of her life. When every day is sunny, and witnessing the relentless dry heat causing wildfires, smoke, and heavy pollution, she lost appreciation for the sun.

Longing for what is most familiar to her: snow or rain, she went on an observational journey to the wider LA regions, leading her to develop an appreciation for the dramatic beauty and seasonality of Southern California from the front steps of a Los Angeles bungalow.

The magnitude of the natural world is central to her practice, which highlights the meditative aspect that botanic, and landscape brings to life. This body of work is an ode to nature, its beauty and invites us to never take for granted what we have.

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Location: Simard Bilodeau Contemporary

Address: 1923 S Sante Fe Ave, Suite 100

Phone: 949-371-7414

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