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A Diverse, Dynamic Ecosystem in DTLA

Historically the locus of traditional industries like finance and law, DTLA has seen an explosion of creative and tech firms setting up shop in the city, creating an eclectic commercial market for all types of companies to thrive.


A Premier Destination for Tech

Attracted by the access to talent, proximity to educational institutions, and a freewheeling entrepreneurial spirit, large tech companies and nimble start-ups are moving to DTLA.

DTLA Works: Tech Article


The Law of the Land

With one of the largest concentrations of courts and government agencies in the country, Downtown LA is a prime location for legal services and their support organizations.

Business Services

Business-to-Business and Beyond

As the center of a global gateway city, and one of the world’s largest regional economies, DTLA is ideal for B2B services firms.

Real Estate

Finding the Space to Build, Live & Grow

Led by powerful firms pushing boundaries and embracing DTLA’s innovative spirit, Downtown LA is the primary hub of the real estate industry in greater Los Angeles, and its most dynamic market.


The Mechanics of Building

With its concentration of complex industries, proximity to large government entities, and central location within LA County, Downtown LA is a natural fit for the problem-solving prowess of the engineering industry.


Making Plans for Downtown LA

A high-profile move by one of the nation’s leading architecture firms to Downtown LA sparked a rush of interest that continues to draw visionary architecture companies to the area.

Interior Design & Furniture

Furniture Craft and Interior Design Thrive in DTLA

With its critical mass of architects, engineers, and real estate firms, DTLA is a great option for the interior design and furniture industries who rely on their professional partnerships.


Downtown LA Wears it Well

With the 2nd largest collection of wholesale businesses in the nation, Downtown LA is attracting a new generation of globally recognized designers and fashion-tech companies pushing the boundaries of the industry.

Consumer Goods & Services

Creating the Products We Need

A diverse range of new companies are building toward a critical mass in the design, manufacture, and sale of innovative products in the food, household, pet supplies, and experiential services categories.

Media & Entertainment

At the Forefront of the Creative Industry

DTLA’s emergence as a cultural force and hub of creative talent has attracted media and entertainment businesses wanting to take advantage of the strong arts community while also benefitting from access to transit and freeways, a wide range of buildings, and extensive urban amenities.

Marketing & Communications

Telling the Story and Spreading the Word

Driven by its proximity to media clients, creative talent, and key distribution points, Downtown LA is becoming a leading destination for Marketing and Communications firms that need to always be in touch.