DTLA Re.Imagined

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Into the Future

DTLA Re.Imagined is a series of events, activations, and exhibitions, re-envisioning Downtown’s streetscapes and public spaces by and for its residents, workers and visitors.

Experiential and interactive, the initiative is meant to engage and inspire the innovative spirit and creative energy of the Downtown community. By focusing on both iconic elements and hidden dimensions, DTLA Re.Imagined celebrates possibility in the face of challenge and opportunity out of crisis, as this dynamic urban center turns its attention to the future.

  • Manifesto: Bureau Spectacular & Jimenez Lai
  • Visions: CallisonRTKL
  • Design Expo: Downtown Architects, Designers, and Artists
  • Street Show: Public Art, Interventions, and Activations around the Downtown Center
  • Symposium: Hosted by the Downtown Center BID, January 2020 - Sign Up


Placemaking Prototypes from CallisonRTKL
"Avenue of Grand Culture" from CallisonRTKL
The Flying Fleet of Social Zones by Jimenez
"The Flying Fleet of Social Zones" from Bureau Spectacular Jimenez Lai