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Fashion District

City Market of Los Angeles

For more than a hundred years, the City Market of Los Angeles has been a part of Downtown. Today, the City Market is reimagining itself in the 21st Century and embarking on an exciting evolution to become a new, vibrant urban center with a mix of uses that will harmoniously support and enhance the unique character and creative energy of the Fashion District in which it is located.

Building Information

Status: Proposed

Gross Sq Ft: 1,900,000

LEED Certification: Not Certified


Retail Sq Ft: 225000

Civic Government

Use: Park/Green Space


Use: Post-secondary Institution


Residential Type: Apartment, Affordable

Market Rate Units: 853

Affordable Rental Units: 95

Total Rental Units: 948

Total Units: 948


Hotel Type: Hotel

Number of Rooms: 210

City Market of Los Angeles
1057 South San Pedro Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015